Turn the Agony of a Stretch into Ecstasy of Release

The cells of our body absorb our life experiences and store them as memory. Everything we do, thinks, say, experience is remembered at the deepest level of our Being. Our physical structure is a representation of what we think and believe. The muscular system and its components (ie nerves) is an extension of the brain and is deeply rooted to our minds; our emotions and feelings. When we continuously think that we are what we have experienced in our life, it then begins to show; facial expressions and bodily movements. Releasing the past, accepting and forgiving, can largely release tension in the body, which many people start to feel immediately.

When I practice the Bikram 26+2 yoga asana’s, I feel I am lengthening my muscles. It first starts as a stretch. Then, when I reach my maximum, I breathe into the space between the cells of the area I am stretching. As I breathe into this space, I imagine the distance between the cells expanding as I feed the empty space with much wanted air (prana). I hold my body in this position (asana) for a prescribed amount of time. During this time every cell is playing its own version of the past. (Now you need to know: practicing the physical part of yoga (Hatha) is deeply connected to our past, physically and mentally. Practicing breathing exercises (pranayama) is connected to our present moment. And practicing meditation (samadhi) is connected to the past, present, future..its limitless). – – as these bodily cells play its memories, I receive glimpses into, who am I. Seeing things as they are and giving me a choice of how I wish to continue seeing and believing.

What is important, is to repeat this process regularly; Hatha/Pranayama/Meditation. The body is a memory stick. The more you do something, the better it remembers. For anything to work, commitment is required. With time it becomes second-nature and the Reward is definitely worth the effort.
~Your yoga guy, Denis☀️

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