I’m sitting on a piece of log at the peak of Golovec hill. It’s Wednesday, September 30th, 2020. I just finished teaching the evening hot yoga class. I came here tonight, as I usually do, to meditate and hear the sounds of nature. I’m looking up at the sky. It’s a full moon night. I begin to reminisce about my time in Slovenia. Tonight I celebrate our yoga studios, Bikram Hot Yoga Ljubljana, 4th birthday. I think back and remember how it all started…
The year was 2016. I arrive in Ljubljana Slovenia after 6 years of traveling and teaching yoga around the world. My guiding voice is instructing me to stay here and open a yoga studio. I listen carefully. I meditate deeply. I make a decision to open the first, original, Bikram hot yoga studio in Ljubljana Slovenia.
IZTOK: so Denis. You are opening a studio in a foreign country?
ME: yes.
IZTOK: are you sure about your decision?
ME: yes.
IZTOK: what if it doesn’t work?
ME: why wouldn’t it work?
IZTOK: do you have plan B?
ME: no. I only have plan A. If there was any doubt in me, I wouldn’t even consider it.
IZTOK: but what if it doesn’t work? How will you pay the bills?
ME: I live my life by 5 very important principles: visualization, belief, faith, patience, and action. If I don’t have even 1 of them, I will not pursue an idea.
These 5 principles are the fundamental stepping stones for achieving my dreams. If done correctly, I can live a dream instead of dreaming about it.
First I visualize an idea. I see it clearly in my mind. Visualization is a mental technique where I use the imagination to help turn my dreams and goals into reality. When I visualize and imagine living my dream, my brain processes it as if it is happening now. The brain perceives the vision as reality.
Visualization alone is not enough. Now I need to believe what I imagine. Belief is very important as it gives me confidence in what I am about to begin. Having belief creates the maps that guide me toward my goals and gives me the power to take action. When I have empowering beliefs, it drives me towards a life I want to live.
Faith is very powerful. No dream ever comes easy. There are good times and challenging times in all pursuits of dreams. It is the challenging times where people usually give up. Do I have faith that I will receive universal guidance when I am faced with a challenge? Some people call it blind faith, I call it faith in something larger then myself.
Patience! Most human beings lack patience. Patience is the key to success. As a yoga teacher, I have taught yoga to thousands of people around the world. And unfortunately, I see many people get discouraged because they lack patience. Patience is power. Patience helps me avoid unnecessary reactions. Patience helps me achieve my goals.
Action is the driving tool towards achieving my goals. Am I prepared to take the step and put my honest effort into achieving the goal I set in my mind? Thankfully Bikram yoga is my gas station that feeds me with energy and positive attitude to take the right actions.
It’s been 4 years already. During this time I have been teaching hot yoga every day, 7 days a week. I see you in the studio often, practicing your yoga. I don’t know anything about your life, nor do I need to know. But I do know your yoga. I know your strengths and I know your weaknesses. I see you practicing and I see how your practice is improving. I know, deep down, as your yoga practice is improving, so is your life outside of the yoga room.
I appreciate each and every one of you. I believe in you and your success. I honor you and I am thankful to you. I thank you for your trust and continued attendance at the studio. I know it is not easy to come to class, but you always tell me after class how happy you are that you came. When I hear you say this to me, I feel joy which gives me a reason to continue teaching yoga to you. I am very proud of you.
Here is to you and another 4 years of hot sweaty yoga.
Namaste 🙏
Your yoga teacher,

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