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Hey. Can you please read this message to the end. I noticed you liked my posts. Not sure where you are located, but either way, I’d like to invite you to come take a yoga class. It’s hot Bikram yoga. Honestly, you will probably die the first class you take. You might even promise yourself during the class that you will never do this again, and that this was the worst decision you have ever made in your life. Before you know it, the class will end. By this time you will forget about time. What your name is, or where you were born. None of those things will matter to you. You’ll be so confused what just happened and how you managed to stay alive. Lying on the floor in the final Savasana, dead-body-pose, you’ll start to notice a really nice sensation floating in you, through you, around you. You’ll walk out of the room and the cold air will finally touch your sweat-covered-skin. Like a dive in the ocean you’ll feel so refreshed. The first breath of air will splash all corners of your lungs. How nice it is to be alive.
If you still decide to accept my invitation to come take a yoga class, then my invitation to you comes with a free class. When you visit the studio for the first time, just walk to the reception desk and say, FREE WILLY, so I know that you read this message, and I won’t charge you money for your first class. THIS IS THE CODE YOU MUST USE FOR YOUR FREE CLASS, OTHERWISE I’LL ASK YOU TO PAY NOT KNOWING THAT YOU READ THIS. It is my gift to you, and I have faith this message can reach the people that have subconsciously been looking for something, but just not sure what. Practicing this yoga can help them find what they are looking for. And I’m not trying to state that yoga is, what they are looking for, but I believe through a hard physical practice, that Bikram yoga offers, people awaken their curiosity and purpose.
Bikram yoga is a 90 minute open-eye-moving-meditation, where we practice 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises, that are therapeutic in nature, and will test your true strength, flexibility, balance, focus, determination, concentration, and willpower. Mentally you will be challenged. Physically you will be challenged. Consider it a daily diagnostic tool. “When you step on your yoga mat, your yoga mat will reveal to you the truth. It will show you where you are, exactly in this moment of your life; physically, mentally, psychologically, physiologically, emotionally, spiritually. Most people run away because they are too scared to face the truth. But the ones that stay and continue practicing, embark on a beautiful journey. Perhaps one of the most beautiful journeys. A journey that last a life time. A journey of self discovery.”
“It is only through the physical body that we can reach the spiritual door.” ~B.C.~
Thank you for reading this message, and I hope you are having a pleasant day today.
Denis ~ your yoga teacher
030 372 714

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