I was grateful being able to pop in when visiting Ljubljana for work. Attending a class in this beautiful studio was a great way to end my trip. Interior is beautiful and gets you in the mood straight away. Owner is an inspiring guy and knows what he is talking about. Class itself was relaxed and upbeat at the same time. The home made ginger, kurkuma and pepper concentrate I had afterwards gives you a real boost and set me right up for a long day of traveling back home. This studio is real gem and I highly recommended it.

~Tomas K. ~ 

Inspirational Bikram yoga studio. keep up the good work.
if you are passing through, STOP & TAKE CLASS.

~Sheelagh O. ~ 

great place, great people, good energy, everybody should go try.

~Darren B. ~

Great hot yoga classes, great teacher, Denis knows how to motivate his students and always has an open ear. Very warm and welcoming studio, not just literally speaking 🙂 Even after longer breaks I always keep coming back, when I feel my lifestyle is getting a bit out of balance and it always helps me to refocus, feel physically and psychically better and stronger.
Thank you Denis for every class ☺️?

~Anne B. ~ 

Great HOT yoga studio, pleasant energy and excellent instruction. Good options for class times and duration. Highly recommended!

~Aaron N. ~

This is more than just a hot yoga yoga studio. It is a warm and welcoming place where you can finally stop hurrying and worrying, and just take a deep breath – which feels even better with a delicious freshly squeezed juice that Denis (the owner) often makes. I have been to several yoga studios and practiced with many teachers, and this one is simply the best.

~Masa D. ~

I just finished at Bikram class at #bikramjogaljubljana. Denis is a great teacher and runs a tight class. His studio has the perfect heat and humidity. I shall return. Namaste, Dr Q

~Dr. Q. ~

I came to Denis as a total beginner, I had never stepped foot in a hot yoga studio before. And this did not matter one bit! Denis keeps a watchful eye on every single person in the room, he makes sure everyone is safe but he will challenge you past your own self-imposed limitations. Soon, you will realise you are capable of so much more! And you WILL leave the room every single time thanking yourself for the stretch and the sweat.

Thank you Denis, my experience at Bikram Hot Yoga was incredible and I hope to be back soon one day.

Much love all the way from Australia,

~Trish W. ~

Simply put, Bikram HOT Joga? killed my false assumption about JOGA and blew it away like kid blew a candle on the birthday cake.???

~Ivan K. ~

Yes!!! I am visiting from Canada and had the absolute privilege to take a class at this beautiful studio with Denis who was beyond amazing . I have been practicing for 10+years and loved the depth, authenticity and energy that I felt from his class..Hvala ?…Namaste my long lost brother..until we meet again?…Veronika Colnar….Vancouver, BC, Canada

~Veronika C. ~

Denis has a way of teaching which I can only classify as one of the best I experienced in my 9years + practising Bikram yoga. Positive, challenging, guiding, inspiring and always fun. I’m confident his personality and experience will allow you to reach the next milestone in your yoga journey, if already practicing, or start your journey in case you still did not….

~Roberto V. ~

This was my first attempt at Bikram yoga and I am glad I chose Denis’ studio. Denis was welcoming, knowledgeable and paid attention to every student in the class. Not to mention his energy! It’s everything! I found the place to be extremely clean and the vibe there was simply amazing – probably thanks to Denis 

~Maja MP. ~

So the past 2 years have been hard for me, a lot of stress followed by weight gain. Afterwards, I needed a place where I can get my body back, at the same time relax my crazy brain and strech my muscles to gain more flexibility. Having big problems with my back does not help while exercising.
And I found a perfect place – Denis is more than amazing, investing his energy into his students. He helped me a lot, not just through yoga, but with his advice with food, as well as long talks.
I recommend bikram yoga to everyone, seriously everyone.
Thank you Denis for all your support ☺️   

~Sara S. ~

A great teacher and a great place to return to for some self-care and refocusing.

~Kristina K. ~

The first and only one in Slovenia ! Go there people from Ljubljana, Denis will drive you through the Hot Bikram Yoga class with his kindness ! Thanks for the silent class yesterday Denis, loved it ???☀️                       ~Sandy R.~

Great place for rehab outside&inside???                                                                                                                   ~Monika V. ~

The best yoga experience I had in my life 🙂 I joined yoga lesson at Podpeško jezero, just few minutes driving from Ljubljana. Quiet, calm place near lake, with ducks joining us turned out to be the best place to practice and great way to start the day 🙂 I higly recommend!! I definitely will join you again! 🙂
~ Sara B. ~

I followed one course of Bikram Hot Joga with Denis already and I really enjoyed it. It was the second time for me to do hot yoga. The exercises took a lot more energy then I thought, but also gave me a lot of energy afterwards. I felt so good after the 90Minutes class! Denis was very caring and helped me personally out with some exercises, which was important since I had my knee injured (cruciate ligament ripped). I would definitely recommend taking Bikram Yoga classes from Denis! If I would be living here, I would come quite often! See you next time when I am in Ljubljana again, Denis!! Thank you!
~ Clara F. ~

Denis puts alot of joy in his studio and yoga classes and has always a look over everyone during the practise. Everyone has its own reason why they want to practise yoga. For me it was to feel less stressed, feeling better in your body and I want more energy during the day. In my mind, bikram yoga is the best way to get this. With Denis you have in Ljubljana a very good teacher who leeds you through your journey.
~ Jan W. ~

Denis was my Bikram Hot yoga teacher for 2 years. He is wonderful because he cares, knows his stuff and has a passion for the healing healthy aspects of the bikram practice.
~ Barb C. ~

What you can do you must, what you can’t you must try!
~ Bostjan R. ~

Great teacher, lovely studio and wonderful class. The temperature was just right.
~ Laura H. ~

Clean. English speaking. Great aura.
Denis is canadian and does a great job.
Anyone in need of a bikram workout should drop by.
~ Tony B. ~

Out of all activities I tried to alleviate chronic back pain, bikram yoga helps me the most. I strongly recommend to people with back problems.
~ Jaka B. ~

Nice classes, clean studio, very welcoming atmosphere. Would definitely recommend it! Especially like Friday’s ‘silent’ class with music.
~ Kirsten B. ~

Denis was my yoga teacher in München. I fell in love with his style of teaching. He is very alert and teaches from a place of compassion and love. He will make you try honestly by finding your inner strength you never knew you had within yourself. I was happy to visit him during his chakra activation classes. He taught the same 7 week program in München. Denis will leave you wanting more of the hot yoga experience. Can’t wait to visit you and your beautiful studio again soon. Love Sabrina and Angi �
~ Angi & Sabrina ~

First time I’ve got to known the bikram yoga was in Moscow two years ago. I didn’t know what it is or what to expect. Since the studio was right next to my house, I decided to try it out. I fell in love and discovered one of the best things in my life 🙂 After moving back to Slovenia I was lucky enough to find a great Bikram yoga studio with amazing yoga teacher Denis. I highly recommend you to try it yourself, and do something good for yourself, your body and your mind. It’s not easy at first, but it gets easier and easier with time and you feel better and better with every visit.
~ Natalija P. ~

Best Bikram Yoga in town with best teacher. Denis knows how to do an excellent Yoga class with a lot of knowledge to introduce you in the world of hot yoga.
~ Boštjan P. ~

Very positive ambient, very nice place and it’s also very clean. It’s one of those choices you can’t regret. Really. Last but not least important, is of course, Denis himself. It’s like having your own Joga tutor. Thank you!
~ Sandra J. ~

First time I stepped into the Bikram Joga Ljubljana studio, I felt very welcomed. The energy is amazing and Denis is the nicest hearted person you will ever meet.
The benefits I received with just first 3 classes were enough for me to see that this is something I needed to do regularly in my life. My digestion was improved, I slept like an angel, my sweet cravings at night went away, I wasn’t as irritated, my stress levels went downhill and most important for me- I feel more confident♥
~ Maja R. ~

I love Bikram hot yoga because I feel more flexible, it detoxifies me, it gives me energy, it helps me be more focused in everyday life, and I feel better connection with myself during the day. I also noticed that my skin feels softer and I lost 5 kilograms in 3 months, which I replaced with noticeable muscles.
~ Tanja S. ~

For some years I suffer because of mild erectile dysfunction. I have been practicing regular Bikram hot yoga for couple months now, and it helped stimulate blood circulation and establish hormonal balance. My wife repeatedly compliments me in bed because I have a lot less problems.
~ Anonymous ~

I love Bikram hot yoga because I feel stronger and happier when I take class.
~ Teja R. ~

I have a job which is very stressful. Many times I have experienced severe distress and nervousness. I took it out on the nearest person to me, so my relationships suffer serious consequences. Since I started going to Bikram hot yoga in Rudnik, the picture is different. My job is still stressful, but I am learning how to handle it. Because of the exercises I practice during yoga class, and the patient teacher who advised me how to focus through breathing, I learned how to observe the situation and redirect the focus back to myself. My relations are again full of joy and love.
~ Ana M. ~

I’m really looking forward to my next Bikram hot joga class, I feel great afterward.
~ Uršula M. ~

I Recommend it! Mainly morning Bikram hot yoga at 7.00am.. instead of coffee 🙂
~ Vida B. ~

The practice of Bikram hot yoga has helped me heal my body after the doctors told me I might never walk again. The practice of yoga has taught me to appreciate everything I am able to do today. The practice of yoga has opened my eyes and showed me that opportunities lie all around me. The practice of yoga has taught me to be honest with myself. The practice of Bikram hot yoga has revealed to me that I am a beautiful person inside and out.
~ Denis Dronjic
Director / Owner Bikram Yoga Ljubljana in Rudnik ~

Denis, you are a very good instructor. You give energy to the students, you motivate and encourage them, you don t just fall into routine. Keep on good work and I surely see you again in your wonderful studio. Namaste!
~ Nina J. ~

Clean studio, friendly teacher, positive energy…simply the best! Good luck!
~ Dunja M. ~

I am on my way to visit all Bikram yoga studios in Europe. So far i did 166 studios. In Ljubljana I stayed last Monday. I wrote about it in my blog hotyogablog.net: “The 1st of October 2016 the first Bikram-Yoga-Studio in Slovenia had opened. It is located 5 kilometers to the South of the train main station. Ljubljana is quite a pearl of a town, and of the studio you can full heatedly say the same. Denis Dronjic used his love and his creativity to build a wonderful studio. The walls of the wardrobe are in red because he wants to stimulate the yogis. In the reception area he took different sorts of precious woods. In the lounge there are Buddhas, fruits, tea, nuts and cookies. You can also see that music is important to the owner, not only the instruments on display but also the music that is playing in the background. The changing rooms hold the same woods. And even the hot room where 30 yogis can practice is covered in wood – bamboo. A huge wall painting shows Denis’ vision, painted by an artist. It shows himself at the age of 28, circled by 28 stars. You can see the energy which leaves from him, a phoenix, the aura around him.

Who can live his love of yoga and lives it every day, who learnt walking again after a very serious accident can teach in a way that everyone feels what a good thing they do by practicing. We are five women (there will be another class afterwards). Denis is motivating, explaining, demonstrating, correcting and he says also, what the different postures are good for. Not only the town is an adventure, the studio is one too and the special class anyway. At the beginning he strokes a gong and at the end he draws spherical sounds from it.”                                                                                                                               ~ Irene H.~

Beautiful studio! Denis is a great instructor with strong positive energy, and wonderful son, who build a yoga studio in our home in Canada, and taught us how to practice yoga, always being patient with us, full of humor while teaching. We learned a lot from Denis, and we continue to practice yoga. Thank you son for investing in yoga studio in our home and instruction you gave us. We miss you…
Mom &Dad
~ Ivanka D.~

Most beautiful studio and best teacher ever!!! Congratulations Denis!! You made truth out of your dream!! Your Studio shows in every corner, how much love, creativity, energy and yoga passion you gave it! Your students are amazing, your classes, so inspiring and full energy!! Thank you for this amazing experience.
~ Viviana P. ~

Denis is very experienced and amazingly inspiring instructor. He opened up yoga practice for me from a completely different angle. His classes are always enjoyable, and he manages to dedicate a lot of attention to every student to make sure the postures are done in a correct manner. Try it out – you’ll be filled with lots of energy and motivation!
~ Inna K. ~

Amazing vibe… The yoga center has a feel of a sanctuary to which it’s visionary and yoga leader Denis has incorporated all “the magic of yoga” gained in numerous years of travelling around the world teaching yoga classes.
~ Nika M. ~

Got quite a diffent view on yoga through Denis. His way of teaching is soft and challenging and he puts a spell on your body and your mind Really satisfying classes.
~ Laura F. ~

Taught me very beneficial things for my life. Definitely a very skilled and wise teacher! Deepest recommendation 🙂 namaste
~ Donovan S. ~