Maintenance is required..

Maintenance is required for sustainability.

Our body is like a car which needs continuous maintenance to operate effectively and safely. Without proper maintenance (ie: oil change, break repairs, etc.) the vehicle would have a short life span.

When we practice yoga we are maintaining our body, and all of the parts which make the body function as one. Proper maintenance of our body and mind ensures proper functioning of the physical, psychological and physiological body.

If you are a ‘beginner’ hot yoga practitioner, the first 2 years are very important years. During this time you are developing muscle memory, neuroplasticity, and a foundation for a lifelong yoga routine. The more times you practice during the first 2 years, the better your body and mind will remember and adapt.

Our body and our brain is adaptable. Most of the resistance comes from the mind. When you practice yoga you are training your mind to become your best friend. When your mind becomes your best friend and starts working for you instead of against you, you teach yourself to have less resistance in your body, and in your life.

After 2 years of regular yoga practice, you can easily take one month off and take a long vacation. When you return back to yoga, you haven’t lost much or fallen far behind. You continue practicing yoga gracefully.

I invite you all back to the studio, as the studio enters its 3rd year since it opened. If you have never been to the beautiful Hot yoga studio in Rudnik, we welcome NEW MEMBERS. You will find classes on the schedule 7 days a week. Make yoga a part of your weekly schedule. Aim to attend at least 2 to 3 classes a week. The more, the better.

This yoga studio is your sanctuary where you can return back to yourself and develop a life full of good health and happiness.

Your hot yoga guy, Denis.

Namaste ?

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