HaTha Yoga definition

Flexibility and strength combined make you balanced. When you are balanced you can carry the whole world on your shoulders and not even know it is there. That is what you are going to get from Hatha Yoga. There will be no weight, no pressure, no strain that life can put on you that you will not be able to support.

Know what ‘Hatha; means? It is Sanskrit. Ha means Sun and Tha means Moon. Sun and Moon are the two sides. So the ancient Yogis saw that there was also a right and a left in every part of human being – a strong side and a weaker side. And they named the right of the body Ha, meaning Sun, and the left of the body Tha, meaning Moon.

Now we know how important is Sun. We get most energy and nourishment from Sun. But Moon is not just decoration in sky over Lane and Lovers. Moon has very strong effect on all things of Earth – oceans, for instance. And on mind, too. So is very important for us to understand powers of both Sun and Moon, and to balance them out.

“That is exactly what we do in Hatha Yoga. Yoga means union. So, in Hatha Yoga physically we balance the right and left powers of body to make sure, for instance, nothing is crooked, not one hip higher than the other, one knee weaker, one side more flexible, or chronic pains in one side of neck or shoulder. When union or balance is achieved, all systems work in perfect synchronization and health – just as night and day, Sun and Moon, work together in nature. And mentally you also balance.”

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