Blue Light

This is a True story. It happened to me. I will do my best to tell the story with these words:
It was Monday, 21,12.2020, Winter Solstice. I heard and read this was an important date. Not only because days will start to be longer, which some take as the true New Year, but because the planets will be in a perfect alignment, which will somehow affect the human consciousness of this world. And the effects can be positive, some went as far to say, transformational.
It was 23:00. I had just returned from exploring the top of Krim mountain, which was covered in a thick fog. It was quite a mystical experience. When I returned back to the yoga studio, something big and transformational happen to me. It happened the moment I walked into the yoga studio. I heard a voice inside of me, it yelled, “stop.”
Suddenly and completely unexpectedly, my consciousness entered my body and appeared in the center-core of my existence. (Basically, I was bodiless during this period of time). The core was bright blue color, as blue as it can get. Many different shades of blue. The color blue was in a shape of a pine. As I observed it, it was big and the only thing in my focus. I didn’t feel my body. I was present in a timeless state of awareness infront of this blue light.
But before I continue, I must let you know, I am familiar with this blue color. I last saw it after my 10 day silent meditation, in 2013. It appeared on my final day of meditation. I was sitting in complete stillness and silence, when a color blue drop-like-bubble left my body; one after another, thousands of little small blue bubbles, simultaneously leaving my body. I felt bodiless for a short period of time. I was feeling uttermost bliss in that timeless moment. In that moment I also understood where those other “experienced” meditators would go when I would observed them during our long meditation sessions. I would secretly open my one eye to look around at other people meditating. It looked like their body was there but they were somewhere else. They seemed so peaceful.
I realized that was also happening to me in that moment, when the small-blue-air-like bubbles left my body. I felt bodiless. I was entering a different state of meditation. I love this feeling, I thought to myself. I want to feel like this every time I meditate, I told myself. I love this feeling I said in my mind, and in that moment, I could hear my meditation teacher’s voice in my head: “remain equanimous. Observe everything as it is. Do not attach yourself and create new knots of suffering.” When I heard him say this I was immediately pulled back into my body and I could feel it once again. Going back to the bodiless state I was in just a second ago was impossible, which made me frustrated.
Ohh yeah, I also saw this blue color in different forms as a child, but I never thought anything about it, from what I can remember.
So, going back to the story..
I enter the yoga studio and take my shoes off.
I am suddenly bodiless and infront of a bright blue power energy light that has a voice. Did I tell you that before, that it spoke? Yes, this bright blue light that is within the core of my body, has a voice. And I am familiar with this voice. I heard it on many occasions before. And countless of times I tried to avoid listening to my guiding voice within me. The voice I was hearing from this bright blue light, was my Guiding Voice.
My guiding voice said with great authority, “stop.” I stopped. “Listen” it’s starts telling me as I am still standing at the entrance of the yoga studio, “You are so busy thinking all the time you are missing my instructions and confusing them for your egoistic thoughts,” it continues, “you aren’t listening. You are always thinking. You can’t hear because you are just thinking. Stop thinking. Just breathe. If you start thinking, bring your attention back to your breath. Then listen. Listen closely. You will hear everything you need to know. You’ll know exactly what needs to be done and when to do it. You will get Entire Truth and Complete Understanding. But remember; don’t think. Just breathe.” It concludes.
To try and justify what I just heard, I would be thinking. So I breathe. I soak in the words I just heard, so I never forget them. I am still present infront of the bright blue light in the core of my body. I can feel the truthfulness of these words.
“How will I know,” I ask. The blue light responds back, “have faith. What you call thinking, I call mental diarrhea. If you listen, you will hear.” It responds to my question. “People are so busy and disconnected. They are thinking and creating mental diarrhea from the moment they wake up until they go to sleep. They don’t stop thinking for a minute. Most people don’t even realize there is air moving in and out of their body. They don’t notice the things right infront of them because they are in a constant state of thought. These people don’t recognize their guiding voice. They are where they are searching for happiness and running from fears, but only in their minds. You can go beyond that. If you set your intentions, and they are heart-felt, your guiding voice will bring you there. But then, you must learn to stop thinking. Just breathe and listen. If you start thinking, bring your attention to your breath. Continue doing that everyday for the rest of your life. Remember: Empty mind. Just listen. Breathe.”
It was 04:00 in the morning when the blue light and I drifted to sleep. Since that day, 21.12, I have not seen blue light again. But I have heard it’s voice. Today I feel good. I have no fear nor doubt, anxiety, or stress, uncertainty or anger. I have full faith. I’m not thinking much. I remind myself throughout the day to breathe and listen. And I know not to listen with an expectation, because you have no idea when your guiding voice will speak. They are awake 24 hours a day.
**This is a true story. The dialogue between blue light and me last for a few hours. There was many topics covered. There was no stimulants or Hallucinogens used. You can search for answers in the clouds, churches & monasteries, and books, or you can go inward, and discover that all the answers lie in you. Do not give away your power to another teacher, or a guru, or some God or Goddess. You are all those things plus much more. I wish you all a beautiful life today and everyday in 2021**
Your yoga teacher,
Denis ?

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