Blue Light

This is a True story. It happened to me. I will do my best to tell the story with these words:
It was Monday, 21,12.2020, Winter Solstice. I heard and read this was an important date....Več o tem »


I’m sitting on a piece of log at the peak of Golovec hill. It’s Wednesday, September 30th, 2020. I just finished teaching the evening hot yoga class. I came here tonight, as I usually do, to meditate and hear the sounds of nature. I’m looking up at the sky. It’s...Več o tem »

Password: FREE WILLY!

Hey. Can you please read this message to the end. I noticed you liked my posts. Not sure where you are located, but either way, I’d like to invite you to come take a yoga class. It’s hot Bikram yoga. Honestly, you will probably die the first class you take....Več o tem »

International Yoga Day 2020

Written by Denis Dronjic.
Translated by Ksenija Mravlja.

International Day of Yoga 2020:

Number 1 4 7 guided me for almost half my life. Anytime I would see #147, I knew I was going to take the right direction no matter what the outcome will be. I wasn’t looking for the number,...Več o tem »

5 Reasons Why Yoga is a Good Complement to weightlifting.

As an experienced EX weight-lifter and personal trainer, I can honestly say, from personal experience, and scientific studies, yoga is amazing to help balance out the effects of a weight-training regimen. Here are just five reasons why all weight-lifting gym people need yoga in their lives.

1. Reduces and/or Prevents...Več o tem »

This is very personal text...

**I wrote this last year in 2018 during my 10 day meditation**
This is very personal text. I can only write about it because I have experienced it. It is neither positive nor negative information. Read this with an...Več o tem »

FAQ: how often should I practice?

“Well, how often do you plan on using your body? I don’t know you that well, but I’m guessing you pretty much use it daily. Even when you are sitting there watching TV or sleeping, your body is working to keep you alive. As they function, the cells, the...Več o tem »

Maintenance is required..

Maintenance is required for sustainability.

Our body is like a car which needs continuous maintenance to operate effectively and safely. Without proper maintenance (ie: oil change, break repairs, etc.) the vehicle would have a short life span.

When we practice yoga we are maintaining our body, and all of the parts...Več o tem »

Meditating for Animal Lives Matter (ALM)

DONATE 100€ = 10 FREE YOGA CLASSES (can share with friends).

10 years ago if you were to ask me what I will do in my life, I would have told you that I will live on a sail boat and sail around the...Več o tem »

HaTha Yoga definition

Flexibility and strength combined make you balanced. When you are balanced you can carry the whole world on your shoulders and not even know it is there. That is what you are going to get from Hatha Yoga. There will be no weight, no pressure, no strain that life can...Več o tem »

Turn the Agony of a Stretch into Ecstasy of Release

The cells of our body absorb our life experiences and store them as memory. Everything we do, thinks, say, experience is remembered at the deepest level of our Being. Our physical structure is a representation of what we think and believe. The muscular system and its components...Več o tem »



I open the doors to the pictures in my mind.

THE day is October 1st, 2016. My long-awaited dream comes true! Curiosity took me on a long journey around the world, and finally brought me exactly where I want to be.

I stand behind the reception desk, waiting for...Več o tem »

Does Yoga Work as Well as Cardio?

Most people don’t count yoga as cardio. But there’s good news for people who’d rather stretch than sprint: A new review of existing research suggests that yoga could protect your body from cardiovascular disease and metabolic risk factors (i.e., high blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat, and abnormal...Več o tem »

The Science Behind the Yoga High

Have you ever gotten that post-yoga high? You know, that feeling that nothing can get you down, that you’re the epitome of relaxation, and that you’re basically two downward dogs away from enlightenment? For many of us, it’s this feel-good sensation that gets us hooked and keeps us coming back...Več o tem »

Bikram Yoga: The Real Fountain of Youth

Bikram Yoga enthusiasts have long espoused the practice as a cure-all. Now Western medicine is agreeing with them.

By Heather Quinlan

Last month I turned 40. I was always hesitant to hit this mile marker—leftover trepidation from a time when I thought 40 was “old”. The great irony is that I...Več o tem »

Yoga - Your Past, Present and Future

You must be wondering, what do I mean by saying – “Yoga – your past, present and future”. If you carefully look at your yoga practice – practice of Asana connects you to your physical body, Pranayama to your breath and mind, and Dhyana helps you to transcend your...Več o tem »

International Yoga Day

Healthy Body + Healthy Mind = Healthy Life

The United Nations proclaimed 21st of June as the International Day of Yoga.

Yoga is an ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated in India over 5,000 years ago. The word ‘yoga’ derives from Sanskrit and means to join or unite, symbolizing the...Več o tem »

July - 2017 - NewsLetter

Hello yogi’s,

This will be my first newsletter that I write to you. Every-so-often, I will write a short letter to keep you up-to-date with all the exciting news happening at Bikram yoga Ljubljana studio in Rudnik.

June will surely be an exciting month! Lots is happening, and I...Več o tem »


Very much like my life at the time, my first Bikram Yoga class five years ago was filled with drama, despair, tears and intensity. It’s a funny story now, that I cried and wanted to throw up and felt like I might pass out and how the heat...Več o tem »



Happy 2017, all! The subject of this blog post has been in my head for years, even before I started blogging, probably because it’s so personal to me. I spent my high school years running indoor track and cross-country, and while I was never very fast,...Več o tem »

Top 5 reasons to practice Bikram Yoga this summer.

Top 5 reasons to practice Bikram Yoga this summer.

As the weather heats up, turn up the heat on your hot yoga practice too! Here are the top 5 reasons why Bikram Yoga will make this summer your best one ever!

You’ll better acclimatize to the heat outside: You will notice...Več o tem »

Why Bikram Yoga Works

Bikram yoga consists of 26 postures designed to develop strength and flexibility while being performed in a heated room.  It also has a meditative aspect that can relieve stress.  How quickly you’ll notice the various effects of Bikram yoga depends on which benefit you’re most concerned with.


Stress Relief

One of the...Več o tem »

Stress and Yoga

Stress is the most common and deadly illness. Here is a short description of the side effects when exposed to continuous stress.

75% of the working population is subject to emotional, physical, and mental stress. Stress causes chest pain, high cholesterol, cardiac problems, depression, and...Več o tem »

A short note about me and the NEW Bikram yoga studio in Rudnik/Ljubljana


Bikram yoga and Wellness Ljubljana is a new, state of the art yoga studio in Slovenia. The owner, Denis Dronjic, was born in Ljubljana, but lived most of his life in Canada. Denis realized there was no Bikram yoga studio in Ljubljana and decided, after many years of travelling and...Več o tem »

Mission Statement for Bikram Yoga Ljubljana

‘Welcome to Bikram Yoga Ljubljana. Our mission is to provide a serene, safe, joyful and welcoming space where people can explore their own yoga, develop their very own personal yoga journey and self transformation. We aim to create an environment where people feel like they are part of a community,...Več o tem »

End of 2016

The end of 2016 is here. I find myself practicing yoga this morning, feeling overwhelmed with a sensations of gratitude. I look around the yoga studio and I can’t help it but smile. For many years I imagined what it would be like to return back to my birth country,...Več o tem »

Opening of the website

Dear friends!

It is with great pleasure that  we present to you our website. Follow us regularly for all further news!

...Več o tem »