I open the doors to the pictures in my mind.

THE day is October 1st, 2016. My long-awaited dream comes true! Curiosity took me on a long journey around the world, and finally brought me exactly where I want to be.

I stand behind the reception desk, waiting for somebody to walk through the entrance door of my new joga studio. For the last 3 months I worked every day to renovate, what was once an office space. I had envisioned a ‘natural’ looking joga studio, full of wood, bamboo and green plants. I desired to build a space that I love spending my time at. If I love my space, it will be easy for me to share it with others.

When the door opens, the chimes hanging above, rings a beautiful melody. A woman I see for the first time in my life, by the name of Lydia, walks into my studio. She gives me a warm smile and tells me she saw my advertisement on facebook, which I only created and posted 1 week earlier, announcing the opening of a new Bikram Hot Joga studio in Rudnik, next to E.Leclerc.

I greet Lydia and tell her she is very special to me, she is the first person who will give me an opportunity to teach joga to her. Lydia tells me she has a very bad back and is in a lot of pain and misery due to the discomfort. I smile at her, and tell her that I started practicing joga 13 years ago for the same reason, to help me heal my bad back. I tell her she came to the right place, that joga has many powers, and one of them is to heal the body and return it back to its youthful years. After all, I demonstrated the healing powers of joga 8 years earlier, on my very own broken body, after a serious motorcycle accident, which left me in a wheelchair for 9 months.

I, full-heartedly, believe in what I do, because I experienced it. Now it is my turn to share it with others; my karma, to teach joga!

How lucky are the ones who make joga a part of their life. It is a small part of life, but it can make so much difference in how you live it. I feel so grateful when I stand on my joga mat (blazina). It is an appreciation deep within me, I wish to share with others.

This Sunday, October 1st, 2017 will be 1 year anniversary since I taught my first joga class at Bikram Joga Ljubljana, in Rudnik.

It has been an exciting year! Getting to know you all; guiding you through one of your many joga classes, and watching you grow on your mats (blazina). You are getting stronger, more flexible, and calmer, one class at a time.

With very little advertising, and your help, I am slowly getting closer to my goal, of reaching 100 people who will make joga a part of their life. And how lucky will these 100 people be, not to mention, how lucky will be the ones who meet these 100 people.

I invite you to come to the joga studio this Sunday for a party and a hot joga class at 19:30. Arrive early! The doors will open at 17h – 17:30. The guitar man will be here. Miloš will play his guitar before and after class. There will be snacks and drinks you can indulge in before or after class. You can relax in the warm joga room and meditate with me before class at 18:30 until 19:00. If you have never been to the studio, you should definitely come! Practice your first class for FREE on Sunday!

From the bottom of my heart, I send my deepest thanks and love to you.


Denis Dronjic ~ owner/director BJL
030 372 714

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